Friday, November 18, 2011

Work From Home

This is NOT for affiliate beginners. It’s aimed at intermediate-level marketers and website owners. Ezine Traffic Formula I have describe how to build a super affiliate business in which all the pieces join together, so that each action you take applies leverage and multiplies your ranking and commissions. Now you can do these technique with adsense, but you can do far better! I prefer to attract free traffic from all the search engines. Many sites offer free advertising in fact hundreds, just google (advertise free online). You must try to identify and target streams of such people, who are desperate for a solution to their problem. They make excellent customers. This will help you setup a multi-step income plan. The real money is where people go to buy stuff, like eBay or Amazon always target these kind of sites for the best results. Instead of doing the hard work of convincing someone to buy something, you should simply be standing in front of BUYERS not just VISITERS and saying, It’s over here…”Ka-ching!
That’s what this software help’s you do! It create and designs (mini-sites) on your chosen topic, carefully structured with rewritten articles. Now this is really important, you only want to feature one product at a time (NO MORE) so that there’s only one thing to look at. This allows visiters to become buyers. Make sure everthing else on your site is related or has something to do with the one product you feature designed to achieve traffic and affiliate sales. This software is designed to help you build your business with the best affiliate tools online today. Using keyword research mini sites with no more than 20-pages per product for identifying and attracting desperate buyers. We will show you how to make money from home, start a home based business, make money with internet programs and network marketing opportunities. Eventually you capture and dominate your market and you own rock solid assets. http://www.CCPGameChanger.com

Feature Review – Dynamic Copy & URL’s

A nice advanced feature has been around for a while for advertisers – use your keywords to dynamically populate your ad copy & destination URL.Why would you want to use this?  If your AdGroup is bidding on 50 keywords, you can make the ad more relevant to each specific keyword when we serve the ad [...]

Cape Town job opening for Dutch speaker

As Ad Dynamo grows its Dutch speaking customer support team, there is a job opening for a fluent Dutch speaker in our Cape Town office. Find out more here.

London office celebrates with £50 coupons

To celebrate the opening of our London office, Ad Dynamo is giving away 200 free advertising coupons.  Claim yours today!
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