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A recording of the tape was played during a news conference Tuesday where the Lavaca County district attorney and sheriff announced that the father would not face charges.
In declining to indict the 23-year-old father in the June 9 killing of Jesus Mora Flores, a Lavaca County grand jury reached the same conclusion as investigators and many of the father's neighbors: He was authorized to use deadly force to protect his daughter.
"It's sad a man had to die," said Michael James Veit, 48, who lives across the street from where the attack happened in this small community run on ranching and the Shiner beer brewery. "But I think anybody would have done that."
The family ranch is so remote that on the 911 tape, the father is heard profanely screaming at a dispatcher who couldn't locate the property. At one point, he tells the dispatcher he's going to put the man in his truck and drive him to a hospital.
"He's going to die!" the father screams, swearing at the dispatcher. "He's going to f----

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

On the ground in Syria: 'For God's sake, this is too much'

"I saw really horrible things I've never seen in my life," he said. "Kids in the hospital, a kid with his whole jaw gone. a little girl, a kid, she's 4 years old, she's dead, her sister's 6 years old, she lost her left eye and her mother is in intensive care."
As the world talks about how to respond to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's bloody crackdown on the uprising in his country, opposition activists in the country say his military and security services are engaged in a vicious campaign of destruction meant to wipe out the opposition. Almost nothing, it seems, is off limits, they say -- not shelling, not snipers, not torture.
To hear al-Assad tell it, the violence is the work of terrorists, and his troops are martyrs to the state's effort to secure peace. But eyewitness accounts and videos streaming out of Syria on the Internet paint a starkly different picture.
Where state television shows the Syrian president surrounded by clerics in a peaceful prayer, opposition video shows an injured man being hustled into a makeshift medical clinic from the back of a bloody pickup truck, mothers crying in the street.

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Official Google Blog: Connect with your community on Google+

Official Google Blog: Connect with your community on Google+

Work From Home

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Feature Review – Dynamic Copy & URL’s

A nice advanced feature has been around for a while for advertisers – use your keywords to dynamically populate your ad copy & destination URL.Why would you want to use this?  If your AdGroup is bidding on 50 keywords, you can make the ad more relevant to each specific keyword when we serve the ad [...]

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